Swiss Alpine Museum


ALPS is more than a museum. It is also a place where people and organizations from academia, culture, politics, NGOs, and business who have a connection to the mountains can discuss diverse issues such as the environment, spatial development, tourism, and sport. ALPS acts as a platform for all of them.

Ensuring access to a wider audience
ALPS devises exhibitions and events on specific themes in close cooperation with specialists and organizations. This approach also enables our partners to make their research and other subject matter accessible to a wider audience. Quite a few of them use ALPS as a venue for their own events, ranging from media conferences to awards ceremonies and book launches.

Conferences on mountain matters
Once a year, ALPS holds a conference for experts on scholarly and cultural matters linked to the mountains (who largely work at mountain museums). ALPS is able to take on this networking role thanks to the referral support it receives from its “network” status.

Project partnerships
Event venue