Swiss Alpine Museum


Tracing the Story of Mitholz

Until 11 August 2024
Switzerland is deeply moved by the fate of Mitholz. Most of the village’s inhabitants will have to move away from their village for at least ten years starting in 2025. For many of them, this means leaving their home, their “Heimat”. ALPS has devised an exhibition in conjunction with the people of Mitholz that presents the village’s tumultuous history and allows the voices of its residents to be heard.

Lost and Found Memories Office

Until January 2026
Whether it’s a critique of consumerism, notions of sustainability, or a lifestyle choice – in the Lost and Found Memories Office you can discover what lies behind the trend for doing repairs and what this means for mountain sport. So join us in collecting tips and tricks that can help extend the life cycle of your own equipment. .

At the Limit
Expeditioneering with Erhard Loretan

Opening 29 June 2024
For the first time ever, ALPS is providing an glimpse into the original diaries and films of legendary mountaineer Erhard Loretan. In this exhibition, visitors can (almost) physically experience the preparation and feats of strength undertaken by this “maniac” on the mountain, while also learning about the opportunities and limits of what people are prepared to commit to. It includes an online tool to select and trace individual routes.

Everything Will Change

Opening 25 October 2024
Melting icebergs, a booming fishing industry, consumer waste, flourishing tourism, international economic interests: Greenland’s transformation is intense, turbulent, and contradictory. No stone is left unturned. What does this teach us about the world we live in? How do we deal with dilemmas and contradictions? What about it scares us and what opportunities are being presented? This moving video installation is accompanied by an original Greenlandic soundtrack.

Lost and Found Memories

20. Sept. 2024 – 2026
The Online Lost and Found Office presents pictures and stories relating to all the editions of the interactive collection project Lost and Found Memories Office. So far there have been three editions focusing on skiing, women on the mountain, and repairs.

A Great Day Out
The ALPS at the Gotthard Pass

Ab 1. Juni 2024
The ALPS has a permanent venue at the top of the Gotthard Pass. “A Great Day Out” is the name of its actual temporary exhibition. Scenes from home movies reveal the pure joy of day trips to mountain passes by car from the 1920s through to the 1980s, when traffic jams were rare enough to be an adventure.