Swiss Alpine Museum

Lost and Found Memories

20. Sept. 2024 – 2026

The Online Lost and Found Office presents pictures and stories relating to all the editions of the interactive collection project Lost and Found Memories Office. So far there have been three editions focusing on skiing, women on the mountain, and repairs. The site is ideal for browsing around and functions as an online exhibition enabling people to get a rich impression of the ALPS collection without visiting in person.

Get in touch to tell us your own stories
The website is constantly being updated with recordings that visitors have made in the Video Box located in the Lost and Found Memories Office exhibition space at ALPS. You can also register your own objects and stories on the Online Lost and Found Office website and then just bring them along to ALPS. We’re looking forward to your contribution!

Online Lost and Found Office

We are looking for
Repaired Gore-Tex jackets, colourfully patched mountain trousers,
freshly resoled rock-climbing shoes, first-aid kits, and repair sets for when you’re on the go. Show us what you’ve been through with your treasured items and let us know how you’ve looked after and repaired them.