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Lost and Found Memories Office
Until January 2026

Whether it’s a critique of consumerism, notions of sustainability, or a lifestyle choice – we take a look at what lies behind the trend for doing repairs and what that means for mountain sport. In the Lost and Found Memories Office you can see how maintenance and repair are part of mountaineering’s history. What’s important when it comes to mending outdoor gear? And what stories do these repaired and broken objects have to tell?

Pushing outdoor clothing to the limits
Be inspired by designers, tailors, minimalists, and researchers and discover some astonishing facts about outdoor materials with respect to their repair, maintenance, manufacturing, and safety.

Every piece of mending has a story to tell
You too can get involved by coming to the Video Box, where you can tell us the story of how you repaired your favourite object. Together we can collect tips and tricks that extend the life cycle of our own equipment. In our workshop you’ll find out how particular sewing techniques can improve the appearance of that very special item, and in the exhibition you’ll get the opportunity to put together your own personal mobile repair kit.


Short Introduction

Workshop Repair

The Lost and Found Memories Office is a participatory collection and exhibition project with themes that change every two years. Whether it’s about skiing treasures, women on the mountain, or repairs, in the online Lost and Found Memories Office and in the Video Box you can find stories, photos, and videos of all the editions so far. Have fun browsing around!

Perhaps you’d also like to tell us a story about your favourite mountain memories or your wildest repair-related adventure in the mountains? Why not join in, either in the exhibition itself or via the online Lost and Found Memories Office!

Drei Jugendliche stehen in der Ausstellung Fundbüro für Erinnerungen: Repair vor der Videobox und schauen rein.


Online Lost and Found Memories Office

«Wenn in der Felswand der Verschluss des Rucksacks reisst»

«Kultur der Reparatur»
Bündner Woche

«Eine Nacht der Wortgefechte, Flickereien und stillen Discos»
Berner Kulturagenda

«Réparer, c'est tendance, mais aussi assez cool»
La Gruyère

«Reparieren: Statement oder Sicherheitsrisiko?»
Anzeiger Region Bern